Yellow, Orange, Grey, Black And Brown – Why Teeth Discolour And What You Can Do About It

dental problemsWhite teeth were very common when we were kids. However, as you start aging, you often notice that your teeth are not as white as before. It looks as if they are still healthy but is it true that they are?

Your teeth often lose color and they have yellow or orange spots in them. You can also see brown and grey stains on them. What causes all this?

Why Does Discoloration Happen?

It happens because of the factor of age. Your teeth orphanage and grow old. Over time, the enamel wears down. Since your teeth start wearing off, they will continue to become yellow.

It can happen because of the food and drink you consume. You would want to have a hot cup of coffee during the morning or would like to have a glass of wine late at night. You would also be consuming a lot of sugary foods. Have you ever thought about what will happen because of all this? It can lead to a lot of wear and tear in your teeth over time. Once the enamel is gone, the best part of your teeth can stand if you keep drinking all these beverages.

If you are a regular smoker, according to various studies in research, smoking can cause a lot of discoloration. Other tobacco products also have a lot of effects on your smile. It can cause your teeth to become yellow or grey. It can also lead to a lot of black stains. The longer you smoke the dark these stains become.

It can also happen because of poor dental care. When you were kids, your parents always helped you in brushing your teeth. However, once you start aging, you need to develop your own oral care habits. If you do not have the right kind of dental care, it can lead to many issues.

What Can You Do to Treat All This?


You would have to take good care of your teeth and you would have to brush and floss regularly. To maintain good oral hygiene, you should reduce and eliminate all these additives in your diet that can lead to a lot of harm.

You should adjust your tobacco use so that you can bite your teeth and you can limit the consumption of all these tobacco products. The dentists suggest you stop using tobacco if you want to prevent all this. Visit your dentist for professional cleaning. You can accordingly, always be sure of what is happening.

Types of Discoloration

There are two types of discoloration; namely, extrinsic discoloration and Intrinsyc. Intrinsyc occurs in the inner structure and extrinsic occurs in the outer layer of your teeth. Both of these can be harmful and can lead to long-term effects. This is the reason why you should always make sure that you prevent all of these and that you are never left disheartened. Discolor teeth can be very depleting for your overall personality because they make you feel that you are less than the rest. You should always go for the best professional cleaning services so that you know that you are a tease and safe.

Why Should You Come to Us?

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