Your Child’s Ammunition Against Tooth Decay

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Tooth decay is a dental disorder and usually leads to a cavity. It is a form of tooth corrosion that ends up causing a hole in a tooth. As a result, a patient can end up losing that tooth or the affected teeth. Now, like an adult, a child can also have tooth decay. If you are looking for a dentist in Glendale, then you can consult our dentist at Smile Makeover of L.A. For more information, please visit our website But, how would you know that your kids have tooth decay?

Symptoms That Help You to Know Your Kids Have Tooth Decay:

  • You start noticing holes in your kid’s teeth.
  • Your child starts feeling pain in the teeth area.
  • Spots start appearing in teeth (maybe because of tooth enamel deterioration).
  • Teeth become sensitive to cold and hot items like water and food
  • It smells bad smell while breathing

To continue further, we can agree that bad food habits are one of the main reasons that cause a child’s tooth decay. Fortunately, there are solutions to this issue. Let us explore the possible steps that can work as ammunition to prevent tooth decay.

Your Child’s Ammunition Against Tooth Decay

Bad Food Habits

Children enjoy eating unhealthy junk food. They love soft drinks, sweets, desserts, and chocolates that contain a high level of sugar. These are bad for teeth health and become the reasons for tooth decay. They must learn to grow the good habit of eating healthy food as much as possible.

Regular Brushing

Kids often enjoy skipping brushing their teeth. This habit drives bacteria and causes teeth infection. Parents should remain strict and make their children aware of the consequences they will face for not cleaning their teeth regularly.

Stop Sharing Utensils

You must not use the same utensils as a spoon you use while eating to feed your kids. That may carry germs from your mouth to your mouth. So, always maintain hygiene.

Use Foss

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Floss clears the particles of food stuck in the gaps of the teeth. One cannot clean these areas with a toothbrush. Again, these food particles also become the reason for causing dental infections.

Use Fluoridated Water

Fluoridated water prevents tooth decay and thus protects teeth from cavities. Unfortunately, most countries do not make the process of adding fluoride obligatory.

Use Quality Dental Products

Kids’ teeth are usually soft, gentle, and sensitive. Therefore, always use quality oral hygiene products only.

Be Careful with the Quantity of Toothpaste

How much toothpaste your kid needs depends on their age. Use a little bit of toothpaste for a kid below three years.

Regular Dental Checkups

Most importantly, as parents, you must not forget to take your kids to a professional dentist for regular checkups. A dentist can only tell you about the actual condition of the teeth and suggest preventive measures.
If you ignore your kids’ dental health, it can lead to a serious issue. In such a case visiting a clinic will remain the only option. In such scenarios, the dentist may need to fix the teeth by implementing advanced techniques like dental implants. For Glendale tooth decay care center, you can contact us at Smile Makeover of L.A.

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