Smoking and Oral Health

Smoking and Oral Health

Smoking and other tobacco products are a risk factor for the development of dental diseases. This is a habit that negatively affects the state of the organs and tissues of the oral cavity. In order to have a healthy smile and good overall health refrain from smoking. If you feel uncomfortable with the look or […]


TMJ Glendale Disorder and Disease Treatment

TMJ Disease Cure And Treatment Glendale offer a comprehensive analysis of TMJ. TMJ is one of the complex mechanisms of the human body. This is the only pair joint, which should work symmetrically. The temporomandibular joint – TMJ – is located at the junction of the lower jaw and temporal bones of the skull. Between […]

CBCT Scan for dental implant

Cone Beam CT Dental Scan Glendale

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is a relatively new technology to dentistry. CBCT is a 3D imaging technology, which has been specially developed for imaging of the jaws and teeth. Glendale dentist, Dr. Sahakyan, has chosen a system with a very low radiation output. A cone beam CT scan employs at least 10 times less […]