Grinding and Clenching

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The words ‘Grinding’ and ‘Clenching’ may sound funny and fancy but these are common orthodontic habits that can cause severe dental issues. Together we call these habits ‘bruxism’. Mostly, we grind or clench our teeth unconsciously at the time of sleeping or we are in deep thought. A lot of us have these habits but are not aware of them until and unless someone notices and points them out to us. Now if we have these habits, then we immediately need to take care of such things and consult a dentist. For a dentist in Glendale, contact Dr. Sahakyan at our clinic Smile Makeover of L.A.
To continue with, first, let us know what grinding and clenching are all about.

What Is Grinding and Clenching?

If we have the habit of rubbing our teeth, like the top layer with the bottom one in a horizontal way, it is called teeth grinding. It produces a strange sound and is often noticed by a person who is present very near to us.
Similarly, we touch one layer of the teeth with the other while we clench. But, here, we press the jawbones with teeth mainly from the top layer to the bottom layer. This can also produce sound. In both cases, we hardly notice that we are doing something like these things. Both habits can cause pain if we overdo them. In addition, it damages the enamel of the teeth and gradually weakens them. As a result, our teeth can break, and we can lose our teeth as well. There are a few early symptoms for us to realize that we do grinding and clenching our teeth.

Symptoms of Bruxism (Grinding or Clenching Habits)

  • Jaw pain.
  • Mild headache.
  • Teeth pain.
  • Teeth sensation and uneasiness.

If we notice these symptoms with us we must consult a dentist as we may have bruxism. For details, you may visit our website Again, if we ignore the issues, our teeth can get infected and we may face severe oral disorders as well. Now, stress is one of the main reasons that generate such habits. Additionally, there are a few other reasons that develop such behavior. Let us explore.

Reasons for Grinding and Clenching Our Teeth

teeth enamel

  1. Tension or stress: These are the most common reasons for building such habits. We often notice that when people get angry or aggressive they start grinding or clenching while communicating.
  2. Untreated infection: Untreated infection can cause teeth irritation and force building such habits.
  3. Misaligned teeth: Misaligned teeth cause problems when we eat or chew something. Hence, at times we unwillingly start practicing bruxism to make us feel comfortable with our teeth.
  4. Genetic issue: If someone in the family practices such things then it is observed that the habits can be genetically transmitted to us also.
  5. Sleeping disorders: If we snore while we sleep, if we feel sleepy throughout the day, we may develop bruxism.

Like all other habits, we can get rid of these too. All we need is a solid intention, awareness, and an urge to visit a dental clinic and consult a dentist to avoid further complications. For Glendale dental grinding, and Glendale clenching cure service, you can connect with us at Smile Makeover of L.A. to receive the best orthodontic treatment for you.

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