How Often Should I Whiten My Teeth?

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We all feel awkward about the color of our teeth. Often, our teeth can lose their whiteness because of discoloration from the types of foods we eat or drinks we consume. Besides, our teeth can also get colorless from aging. Willing to brighten up your smile? Consider one of the most well-liked cosmetic solutions: teeth whitening.

Reasons Why Your Teeth Lose Their Brilliance: Dentist Glendale

Your adult teeth are frequently not as white as your baby teeth. Accordingly, your smile appears darker than it did when you were young. However, what are the reasons for your permanent teeth getting darker over time? Well, a part of it has to do with genetics. To put it in simple words, some of us simply have better genes than others. Certain kinds of medications you might take too can affect the color of your teeth.

Internally, the dentin of your teeth can lose its color over time. Besides, things like poor dental hygiene practices and tooth disturbance can lead to your teeth becoming darker than they were.

Unquestionably, the kinds of foods and drinks you consume have an impact on the color of your teeth too. Coffee, tea, and red wine can surely tint teeth over time, along with other foods with tannins. Smoking also inclines to discolor teeth.

The Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth

If you’re looking for at-home remedies to whiten your teeth yourself, there are, over-the-counter options available. There are kits available at your local drug or grocery store. These kits generally don’t last as long as a professional whitening kit does. At-home kits frequently have harsher chemicals in them that can lead to sensitivity to your teeth.

However, the best way to get your teeth whitened is to get it done by a professional. Dr. Sahakyan offers professional teeth whitening options. Professional teeth whitening at the dentist’s clinic is a speedy way to get a whiter smile. There are more than a few popular methods that dentists use to whiten teeth.

A teeth whitening treatment in a dentist’s clinic can get your teeth five to ten shades whiter. Dr. Sahakyan’s team at Smile Makeover of LA can also help you get the shade of white you want without destructing your enamel, which is often an after-effect of at-home treatments.

How Frequently Should I Whiten My Teeth?

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Many people have the misconception that once they whiten their teeth, they remain white endlessly! Yes, this is true!

Undeniably, teeth whitening needs to be done by an expert dentist who needs to check on you for a regular routine. This is important to make sure that your teeth are healthy. Most importantly, to check that the whitening treatment didn’t affect you and also to notice any possible problems like cavities and teeth harm that are hidden. Subsequently, take care that you stay in touch with your dentist after the whitening process to confirm that you don’t only get a cheerful smile, but also a healthy one.

The cause of teeth discoloration can be natural like aging. However, the majority of reasons are associated with the types of foods you eat and the dental hygiene routine you practice. There are several safety benefits of being treated by a professional.

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