Using a Gum Lift to Help Create a Natural Looking Smile

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Have you ever heard of “Gummy smile”? If the gums get extremely visible while smiling; it is called a gummy smile. Well, a lot of people have that. This can be a big issue for people who deal with it.

Wondering How Does a Gummy Smile Become an Issue?

It’s usually observed that the visibility of the gums often remains disproportionate due to unevenness between the gums and teeth. As a result, people commonly hesitate to smile. They become cautious about this cosmetic issue.
To tackle this problem, they prefer to go through a dental process called “Gum Lift”. By doing gum lifting, the dentists lift and reshape the gum line to make the smile structurally more pleasant.
The overall process of gum lifting starting from surgery to complete healing may take a few weeks time. One should always consult a dentist regularly throughout the process.

Why Is Gum Lift Important?

  • The outcome of this procedure makes a person more confident while he/she speaks or smiles. It’s important for any person, whether he deals in she corporate world, is a public speaker, or a performing artist to carry a good personality.
  • Gum lift protects the teeth too.
  • A gum lift can also rectify the balance between gums and teeth to provide an aesthetic smile.
  • Lengthens a short clinical crown to have more teeth above the gum line. Thus, it can reshape the tooth structure to make it look good.

Should Everyone Opt for Gum Lifting Procedure?

If it’s absolutely essential and desired by a person then he/she can opt for this cosmetic dental restructuring procedure. Dentists will always recommend that one must consult and go for a thorough check-up first, before opting for a gum lift.

Is Gum Lifting a Lengthy Process?

No. In most cases, it takes only one day or may take a couple of visits depending on the dental condition. For healing, it takes a bit of time. To get the final result, it may take 12 weeks to have that smile that reflects your confidence.

What Are the Measures that a Patient Should Take after the Gum Lifting Procedure?

  • Taking Rest

The overall healing process takes a few weeks to completely get into a normal condition. During this tenure, a patient must take rest and avoid unnecessary stress.

  • Controlling Food Habits

The patients must have soft and easily chewable foods as a diet. He/she must avoid any food that may damage the tissues and gums. At least five days after surgery, the patient should avoid taking food that contains any form of acid. Thus, the patient can easily avoid inflammation of the gums and fasten the healing process.

  • Clean the Teeth Gently

After the post-gum lifting process, the patients must be very careful while they clean their teeth. They should gently clean with a soft toothbrush. They must not put any pressure while cleaning their teeth to avoid any negative results.

  • Consult Dentists Regularly


If the patients feel pain or discomfort post-surgery, they must consult dentists for proper medication. Taking medicines on their own could be the wrong idea.

Looking for a Glendale Natural-Looking Smile?

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