How to Create the Hollywood Smile or to Get a Total Smile Makeover

teeth whitening

A Smile Makeover or Hollywood smile is a popular treatment. It joins cosmetic, dentistry, and facial rejuvenation methods to give you an ideal “Hollywood smile” like celebrities.
Today, any patient can make a Hollywood smile. For this, the following methods are provided:

  •  Teeth Whitening;
  • Dental Restoration with Composite Material;
  • Orthodontic Treatment;
  • Use of Veneers;
  • Use of Dental Implants;
  • Use of Dental Crowns.

Teeth Whitening

If you have the right bite, and you are fortunate enough to have healthy, even teeth, a Hollywood smile for you is easily achieved. It is performed through the procedure of professional tooth whitening. The effect is achieved by applying to the enamel a special whitening gel with hydrogen peroxide, the effect of which is activated with a laser beam. Teeth whitening with the use of a laser beam is one of the most effective ways. In one visit you can whiten your teeth by 7 shades.

Dental Restoration with Composite Material

When you have such problems as a partial destruction of dental tissues, a crack or cleavage, cavities, cracks, or a slight curvature of the dentition, direct aesthetic restoration with composite materials is the best option. This is one of the most accessible and quickest ways to give yourself a Hollywood smile. Correction of teeth occurs in one visit to the dentist.
Sometimes patients also choose a restoration with composite material in order to quickly solve the problem of the curvature of the dentition

Orthodontic Treatment


If on the way to a Hollywood smile the patient needs to correct the curvature of the dentition, orthodontic treatment is used. A set of procedures aimed at correcting the bite and the position of the teeth.
One of the most aesthetic and effective systems for orthodontic treatment today is Invisalign braces. Invisalign correction can be performed even in difficult clinical situations and is suitable for patients for whom aesthetics and comfort are important in the process of treatment.

Advantages of the Technique

  •  The system can be removed during meal and oral hygiene procedures.
  •  Transparent material allows you to forget about the problems with aesthetics. Mouthguards are almost imperceptible on the teeth, even upon close examination.
  •  The system protects against the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth.
  •  The planned replacement of the design is made by the patient independently at home, which frees him/her from frequent visits to the dentist.



With an ugly tooth shape or darkened enamel, and visible defects, it is somewhat more difficult to get a Hollywood smile, but it is still possible. To do this, there are special linings – veneers. Veneers are mounted on the surface of the tooth in order to mask the defects. They are the real secret of the Hollywood smile.
Advantages of the technique
With the help of veneers, you can adjust the color and shape of the teeth, without resorting to crowns.
Dental Implants
With the loss of one or several teeth, the dream of a Hollywood smile may seem unattainable. The absence of teeth is a serious problem that can lead to a shift in dentition and even bone atrophy. However, in this case, a beautiful smile is only a matter of time and the professionalism of the dentist. In such a situation, dental implants come to the rescue. Implants are almost impossible to distinguish from natural teeth, in addition, they fully perform a chewing function and can serve their holder a lifetime.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are placed on heavily damaged teeth, of which no more than ten percent of their own tissue remains. This technique often requires the preparation of healthy dental tissues and is also expensive. As for the positive aspects, unlike braces, dental crowns allow you to quickly adjust not only the position but also the shape of the teeth.

You can choose any of the suggested ways to get a total Smile Makeover together with the best dentist Dr. Sahakyan at Smile Makeover of LA. Based on the condition of your teeth and the desired result, Dr. Sahakyan will select the most appropriate set of procedures. Patients of “Smile Makeover of LA” will only enjoy their own attractiveness. Call 1-818-578-2324 or refer back to our website if you have any questions.

Regular Teeth Care

Hollywood smile needs special care. Of course, you must first follow the main rules of hygiene and brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening for no less than five minutes. You should also regularly use dental floss at least once a quarter to buy a new toothbrush, and every six months to visit the hygienist. In addition, we recommend stopping smoking, reducing the consumption of sweets, forget about seeds. In the priority – foods high in calcium.