What Are Some Secondary Effects of Periodontitis?

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Oral health issues are common. It starts getting deteriorated because of a few bad human habits. The good news is we can cure them. But, the bad news is conditions can be deadly if we ignore such issues and don’t take preventive measures or visit a dentist on time. Now, periodontitis is one of the most fatal oral disorders that we may have. To consult a dentist in Glendale, connect us at Smile Makeover of LA and receive the best dental treatment to fix your orthodontic issue. You can also visit our website https://smilemakeoverofla.com to collect further information.
Furthermore, Periodontitis badly affects the soft gum tissues. As a result, we can lose a tooth or teeth. This gum disease affects men more than women. There are a few symptoms through which you can understand that you have such an oral disorder.

Symptoms of Periodontitis Gum Disease:

  • Produce smell while breathing (bad breath).
  • We can lose our teeth.
  • Reddish gums
  • You feel pain while you eat or chew.
  • Your gums start bleeding when you brush.
  • There can be Pus in your teeth or gums.
  • Teeth get sensitive to cold and hot food or drinks.

Now, Periodontitis occurs mainly due to ignorance. Let us discuss a few of the reasons that cause this fatal gum disease.

Causes of Periodontitis:

  • Existing plaques in the mouth: We cannot treat plaques at home. Again, ignoring it will make it difficult to heal Periodontitis. Because of that, you need a professional consultation.
  • Irregular brushing and cleaning our teeth and gums: If we ignore our dental health and do not clean our teeth and gums regularly, it will cause bacteria and infection. In a worse situation, Periodontitis will occur.
  • Old gum disease: Similar to the point mentioned at first, any existing gum disease can cause Periodontitis if not treated on time.
  • Not consulting a dentist regularly: Lethargy visiting a clinic to consult a dentist can be one of the common reasons for a disease getting untreated and causing Periodontitis.

Since this disease is a major one, let us see the secondary effects it has on our health.

Secondary Effects of Periodontitis:

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  • Periodontitis Increases the risk of diabetes: the disease increases the level of insulin resistance. Because of this, the level of sugar or glucose increases in the blood as cells cannot absorb that. Hence, the risk of diabetes also increases.
  • Decreases body immunity: Periodontitis decreases the human immunity to fight against diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDs.
  • Increase the chances of heart attacks: Periodontitis can cause cardiac attacks, as this disease increases atheromatous plaques.
  • Hampers one’s ability to digest: One can lose his/her teeth due to this dental disorder. As a result, the person’s ability to chew properly hampers. This affects the overall digestion system.
  • Periodontitis damages oral health: If the disease remains untreated then, it spreads quickly and damages the entire oral health. Visiting a professional dentist is a must.
  • Bad for pregnant women: The infection can be serious for pregnant ladies as it increases the chances of delivering a premature child.

Though this disease is severe, still can be treated or prevented from further damage if we visit a dental expert regularly. He can do thorough checkups and suggest proper treatment. For Glendale Periodontitis, you can directly contact us at Smile Makeover of L.A.

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