The Best Time for Wisdom Tooth Removal in Glendale

wisdom toothWisdom teeth are referred to as the third and final set of molars in adults. They generally emerge quite late as compared to the other permanent teeth. Some people may get them during their late teens or early 20s, some even later. Lucky are those for whom wisdom teeth erupt normally and are healthy. However, this may not be the case for everyone.
Some people experience particularly problematic wisdom teeth. For instance, the teeth pain or are misaligned or in some cases, they fail to erupt completely. Our dentist in Glendale says that such partially emerged or improperly aligned wisdom teeth are better removed. This is because they may eventually pose greater problems to the other teeth and impact overall oral health.

When Is the Best Time to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Your Glendale wisdom tooth dentist would be the best person to guide you at the right time for wisdom teeth removal. Before even recommending the procedure, they’d take an oral examination of your mouth to check if you really need extraction. Once they’re convinced, they’d be able to advise on the best time.
Our wisdom tooth dentist feels that the ideal time to consider removing wisdom teeth is at a younger age. This may mean almost within a short span after the wisdom teeth start emerging (late teens or early 20s). The sooner the better because extraction must take place before the tooth roots and bone gets fully formed. Most important, recovery post-extraction is also usually faster at a tender age.
Besides that, any delay in tooth extraction may increase the risk of damage to other surrounding teeth. Before this happens, the dentist at the Glendale clinic would recommend extraction.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need Removal?

tooth extraction

Again, not everyone needs to go through this phase. Some people may indeed be lucky not to have to experience any problem at all with the eruption of wisdom teeth. However, there are some for whom wisdom teeth can be quite a pain to deal with. Our Glendale dentist and his team at Smile Makeover of LA recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth in this case.
You may need to get your wisdom teeth extracted under the following circumstances:

  • The wisdom teeth are likely to cause damage to the surrounding teeth. This is because they fail to emerge properly and can push against nearby teeth. This may lead to pain or even bite problems.
  • Your dentist feels that the wisdom teeth may cause damage to the jaw. This may be the case if cysts tend to get formed around the newly emerged wisdom teeth. If left untreated, the cysts may indent the jaw and cause damage to its nerves.
  • Your gums tend to get swollen up because of the improper eruption of wisdom teeth. Most important, inflamed gums may cause cavity problems as the area becomes painful to clean.

In all of these situations, it’d be better to consult your dentist at Glendale for a wisdom tooth removal. If deemed necessary, they’d suggest getting the tooth extracted.

Taking Care After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

We advise taking care of the following after getting your wisdom tooth removed:

  1. Don’t touch the wound with your tongue or hand until completely healed.
  2. Avoid vigorous mouth rinsing.
  3. If pain persists, apply ice over the cheek area outside the site of extraction.
  4. Take pain relievers for immediate comfort.
  5. Follow up with your dentist in case of persistent problems.

For wisdom tooth removal guidance, you may book an appointment at our Glendale dental office at 818-578-2334 and visit us for a consultation. We will be able to advise the best option in your case.