Tips For Overcoming Dental Anxiety

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A bit of nervousness before visiting your dentist is common. But when you get so anxious that you can’t sleep the night before, it’s definitely unusual. In medical terms, it is known as dental anxiety. But you need not worry. There are many like you who start sweating and get overanxious at the thought of going to your Glendale dentist.
It’s important to address the issue because you need to get your dental problem fixed. So a visit is inevitable. Dr. Sahakyan, an experienced dentist in Dental Sedation Glendale, offers a few handy tips on dealing with dental anxiety.

How to Handle Dental Anxiety?

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Dental anxiety is fairly common in people and can be taken care of too. You need to be patient with yourself and work towards it. Here’s what can possibly help:

  • Be vocal about it: It may seem embarrassing but it’s only natural. It’d really help you to talk to your dentist Dr. Sahakyan about all your fears and anxiety. You can even do so before booking an appointment with your Glendale dentist. This way the dentist would already know how you feel and settle you at ease before suggesting any treatment.
  • Try not thinking about it: The more you worry, the more it’d worsen. So better try and distract yourself from the thought of visiting the dentist’s office. Engage yourself in things that can help relax you. Listen to some soothing music, play music if you want, or just watch your favorite show on TV.

Also, when you’re at the dental office, carry your earphones if it helps you stay at ease. When your dentist asks you to close your eyes, imagine yourself at a place you love the most.

  • Breathe: Breathing techniques like meditation are a good way to relax the mind. Before the treatment when your Dental Sedation Glendale dentist anesthetizes you, it’d really be of great help. Count your breaths, make a conscious effort to deeply inhale, and slowly exhale. It’d help prepare your mind and body for the procedure.
  • Don’t go alone: If you know that you will get anxious, try taking a friend or family member along. Someone you’re most comfortable with could help give you strength at the last minute.
  • Discuss openly the possible pain experience: Talk to Dr. Sahakyan about the possible pain you might feel during the procedure. Be clear in your questions, such as whether the injection would prick like a needle or be more painful. Your Glendale dentist will tell you all about the treatment steps and put your worries at ease.

Can the Dentist Provide Drugs for Anxiety?

Sometimes they do. When you let your Glendale dentist know your anxiety beforehand, they might suggest at first the techniques mentioned above. However, in some cases, if they don’t seem to work for you, let your dentist know. They might prescribe a few oral medications to relieve anxiety. These may include anxiolytics such as Temazepam.
The drug is meant to provide short-term relief and is generally taken in a small and single dose. Taking the medicine 1 hour prior to visiting the dental office could help you stay calm. However, if possible try avoiding drugs. Following the simple relaxation techniques mentioned earlier should work fine. Keep drugs as the last resort.


Don’t let your anxiety overpower your dental problem. Remember that any dental issue, if left untreated, can cause serious and possibly permanent damage later on. Speak to Dr. Sahakyan, the best dentist in Glendale, and seek his professional assistance. Or, call the Glendale dentist’s office at 1-818-578-2324.