Does Everyone Have to Get Their Wisdom Teeth Removed Eventually?

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Third molars or wisdom teeth are absolutely common and can be very troublesome. This form of teeth is always a mystery for us as we don’t know when it tries to appear in our dentistry. In general, it appears when we get a bit older and more specifically in our adolescence period, in our early 20s. Often, a wisdom tooth appears by pushing adjacent teeth or teeth. This eruption of teeth causes a lot of pain. In most cases, adults have four wisdom teeth.
Now, if one asks whether everyone needs to get rid of their wisdom teeth or not, the answer would be “no”. But it is better if one consults a dentist to know about the condition of the teeth. Moreover, a sudden eruption of wisdom teeth demands an immediate consultation with a dentist. For dentists in Glendale, one can contact Smile Makeover of LA to avail of the best dental treatment ever.
Wisdom teeth often get impacted. Here, a tooth gets stuck behind or in front of the gums. It is painful.
Again, as mentioned earlier, it may not be a mandatory option for all to get rid of wisdom teeth. If one feels pain, faces tooth decay, and also there is case a of sudden eruption, then only one needs to remove the third moral. A person can live a healthy and comfortable life even without removing it. It’s important for one must visit a dentist if he feels the existence of a wisdom tooth for further consultation. Visit our website for detailed information.
Now, we still may face consequences if we don’t remove a wisdom tooth.

Why Removing Wisdom Teeth Is Important:

1. Inadequate Space to Fit Third Molars Leads to Dental Pain:

Our jaw bones don’t have enough space for the third molars. As a result, the wisdom tooth or teeth try to forcefully erupt and push the adjacent teeth accordingly. This causes enormous pain also.

2. Wisdom Teeth Can Cut Our Dental Area:

Our cheeks can get cut by the sharp edges of wisdom teeth. This happens when we try to bite food items with wisdom teeth that have sharp edges.

3. Wisdom Teeth Cause Tooth Decay:

As wisdom teeth push adjacent teeth, it also creates a gap between teeth. If the gaps remain untreated can attract bacteria and cause tooth decay.
There are a lot of cases when a person does not feel uncomfortable or does not feel any pain while having wisdom teeth. But, he must take care of that to avoid unnecessary dental issues.

How to Take Care of Wisdom Teeth?

  • One must use floss to clean stuck food particles.
  • Use quality mouthwash that contains chlorhexidine.
  • Use a single tufted toothbrush to clean a wisdom tooth that is harder to reach with a normal toothbrush.

Furthermore, it’s helpful for us if we know the initial symptoms of third morals.

Initial Signs that Tell, One May Have Wisdom Teeth:

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  • Feel pain while opening mouth
  • One can feel a bit of softness behind the 2nd moral teeth
  • Gum swelling
  • Redness in gums
  • Painful jaw
  • Difficulty while biting food items
  • Infection in gums

All the above-mentioned points indicate that you need to check your dental condition with professionals. Now, when we talk about professionals, Smile Makeover of LA can be your best choice.

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